Note that Batch Order Processing is only available for Business hosting plans and above.

How to Create a Batch

Before you can process a batch, you need to choose the orders you want to assign to the batch.

From your store's Admin Dashboard, go to Orders > Process Orders.

In the Add to Batch column*, check the box next to each order you want to include in the batch.

Click the Save button at the top right of the page.

When the page reloads, you’ll see a Batch Order Processing menu with the batch number of the orders you just selected, as well as the total amount to process and the number of orders in the batch.

Each order you selected should now have a batch number assigned to it in the Batch column.

* If you don't see the Add to Batch column by default, the column may not be exposed in your Orders table. To expose it, click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Customize Columns. Make sure the Add to Batch check box is selected and press Apply Changes.

How to Remove Orders from a Batch

To remove an order from a batch, click on the Remove link next to the batch number.

How to Collect Payments

The Batch Order Processing section near the top of the page contains a list of recently created order batches. Each item in this drop-down menu details the order batch number, the number of orders within the batch, and the amount currently collected out of the total amount of revenue that should be collected for the order.

To collect payments for all orders within a batch, choose the batch number from the drop-down menu, select Collect Payments from the Choose Action menu, and click Go.

The system will collect payments from all orders in the batch that are available. Please note that batch processing may not be able to collect all payments from every order in the batch. Specifically, the system will only collect payment for credit card orders. All other payment types will need to be collected manually.


If, after collecting payments for batch number 1001, the listing for that batch reads “1001 (1000.00 of 1000.00 received in 10 orders),” the system was able to successfully collect payment from all 10 orders in batch 1001.

If the amounts listed in each batch differ after a batch is processed, you will want to examine any open orders remaining in the batch.

How to Print Orders

Once an order batch is created, you can select the batch from the drop-down menu and select a print option from the Choose Action menu. You can choose Print Packing Slip or Print Invoices. This will display all packing slips or invoices for the orders contained in the batch in the same browser window.

These items can then be printed by selecting the print option from your browser's file menu. If the printed shading for these documents doesn't match what you see on your screen, you may need to enable a "Print Background Images" option in your browser. In Firefox, for example, you can find this option under File > Page Setup.

Once printed, the packing slips and invoices for the batched orders will be ready for inclusion with shipped orders or ready to file for your records. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to the previous page.

Notes on Batch Payment Collection

When using the bulk payment collection option, your store will attempt to collect payment for all orders within the chosen batch. Once the Orders table reloads, the batch option listed in the Batch Order Processing menu automatically updates to show the total amount of funds collected.

Review this to ensure all funds have been collected for the batch orders. If funds for some orders were not collected, we recommend examining the orders individually for declined credit card transactions. Note that it is still best practice to examine each order individually before collecting payment. Batch processing without examining your orders greatly increases the risk of facilitating credit card fraud.

Also, note that batches created by the system are not necessarily equivalent to batches submitted by your gateway service to your processor for settlement. While all transactions in a batch will normally appear in a processor's batch, the processor's batch may contain additional transactions processed prior to or after payment collection of your batch.

For more information on order processing, see "Orders: How to Process Orders".

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