MyVolusion is the Volusion account that is set up by the primary account holder, usually the store owner. If that’s you, here are some common questions (and answers!) to help you access your MyVolusion account so you can interact with us smoothly.


How do I log into MyVolusion?

You can log into MyVolusion by going to the MyVolusion login page and entering your login credentials. 

Your email / password combination for MyVolusion is the one you chose on our website when you set up a Volusion customer account to register for your 14-day free trial and/or purchase your monthly hosting plan. 

Keep in mind that your MyVolusion login is different from your Admin login that’s used to manage your store from the Admin Area.


What if I've forgotten my login?

As a store owner, you’ve probably got a lot of your mind. If you forget your login, here’s how to retrieve it: 

  1. From the MyVolusion login page, click the Forgot Your Password? link
  2. Enter the email address you used to set up your Volusion account and click Submit
  3. Verify the CAPTCHA characters displayed and click Submit
  4. You'll receive an email from with a link to reset your password
  5. Click the link and enter your new password twice
  6. Once you've created a new password, return to and enter your email address and the new password to log in


What can I use MyVolusion for?

Think of your MyVolusion account as the place where you manage your business relationship with us. Inside, you can:

  • Access the Volusion support site
  • Submit support tickets to various Volusion departments and track their status
  • View your monthly account usage history
  • Upgrade your pricing plan level and/or features
  • Create and manage email and FTP account logins
  • Retrieve customized reports on website traffic and data transfer statistics
  • Manage your DNS records
  • View your billing and order histories
  • Add/edit a payment method for monthly billing
  • Manage your contact information and MyVolusion account login details
  • Establish and edit your secret question/answer


Now that you know how to log into MyVolusion — even if you forget your password — managing your Volusion account will be smooth and simple. As it should be. 

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