Shoppers expect online stores to always be open, but sometimes you may need to close up shop temporarily to perform some site maintenance or updates.👷 🛠️  

To temporarily close your store, go to Settings > Maintenance in your Admin Area, and click Close My Store. 

Let your customers down easy by displaying a friendly message that notifies them that you’re making updates to your store (for their benefit!) and will reopen soon. The default messaging displays right next to the Close My Store button. However, you can edit the text by clicking the Customize your maintenance message here link.

To re-open the store when your changes have been made, click Open My Store. 

For more information on temporarily closing your store for maintenance, see the "Opening and Closing Your Store" section of our article on maintenance features.

For information on temporarily suspending your website hosting, please write to us at 


To deliver an exceptional shopping experience through your Volusion store, you may need to periodically perform routine maintenance and updates on it. We make it easy to do this without risking your customers seeing your site that’s “under construction.” 🚧  If you temporarily close your store and include a friendly message for your customers, they’re likely to return to experience your improved site.


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