In-store pickup is a great convenience for customers who want to avoid shipping fees when they have a store nearby. You may have this option available for some products, but not others. Or, if you’re on an online store only, you might not have it available at all. So why are you still seeing it displayed? 

Don’t worry, your site visitors cannot see this option. Only you! This shipping option always displays for administrators when you’re logged in, and it cannot be disabled. But shoppers won’t see it, so keep calm and sell on.


We provide as many options as possible to help Founders of all sizes run their businesses their way. As an admin, you may sometimes see and have access to features that you might not need (like in-store pickup as a shipping option). Don’t sweat it. Your customers won’t see it, but you will know it’s available to you as an option, should you ever want or need it.



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