What’s better than getting to go shopping without spending any of your own money? That’s the joy of gift certificates! Sometimes customers who don’t have accounts at your store will want to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one (i.e. a husband who purchases one for his wife’s birthday … what a great guy❤️ 👨 ❤️). 

To assist a non-account holder in purchasing a gift certificate, take the following steps:

  1. Click Orders > Phone Orders
  2. Make sure the Anonymous tab is selected in Customer Type
  3. Scroll down to the Order Summary and click the Go Shopping button
  4. In the new window that displays your storefront, enter “gift” in the Search box
  5. Click on the Gift Certificate and then click the Add to Cart button
  6. Ask the customer if he or she wants to send the certificate by mail or email, then click the appropriate link
  7. With the customer's assistance, complete the fields that now appear
  8. Click Add Certificates to My Shopping Cart
  9. Close the window displaying the storefront and go back to the window displaying your Phone Order page
  10. Click Refresh
  11. The gift certificate details will now appear
  12. Complete the Address and Payment sections; remember to enter the shipping address for the person to whom the gift certificate is to be sent
  13. Click Place Order
  14. If your customer opts to send the certificate by email, it should now be sent. If they chose to send it by mail, go to the Print section at the top of the order page and click Gift Certificates.
  15. Using your browser controls, print the certificate
  16. Now complete the order as usual by entering the payment information and clicking the Complete Order button

Both the email and printed versions of the certificate show the URL to be entered by the recipient to apply the certificate.


Gift certificates are always a sure way to put a smile on your customer’s face. 😀 And it’s a sure way for you to make money. 💵 💵 💵  So be sure to let customers and non-customers alike know they’re available for your store!


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