With most everything done online these days, shoppers have dozens of passwords to keep track of. It can be hard to remember all of those funny combinations of words and numbers. So when their memory fails them, what’s a shopper (and store owner) to do? Either of the two simple solutions below will help your customers access their accounts and get back to shopping again.

Customers can click Forgot your password? on the login page for your store:


(Be sure to replace "yourvolusionstore" with your Volusion website's URL.)

Once the customer clicks Forgot your password?, they are redirected to a page where they can enter their account email address and click Submit.

As a security precaution, customers will need to complete a Captcha form, just to make sure they are not a bot of any kind.

Your customer will receive a visual indication that they have correctly completed the password request.

They will then receive an email with a link to reset their password. After doing so, the customer can then revisit your store's login page and enter their new credentials to log in.

Temporary Passwords

To help you meet industry standards and shopper expectations, we don’t allow you to view your customers' unencrypted passwords.

If a customer contacts you directly about changing their password, you can help them get logged in by entering a secure temporary password on their account at Customers > Accounts. Then, provide your customer with the temporary password so they can log in from your store's login page.

Advise your customer to update their password as soon as they are logged in by clicking Change e-mail address, or password from the My Account page. 


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