Your website is an information powerhouse, storing all kinds of valuable info, including customers’ billing and shipping addresses. Every time a registered customer enters a new billing or shipping address during the checkout process, it’s warehoused in your store’s system and made available to that customer the next time he or she checks out (via a drop-down menu). Convenient, right?!

However, sometimes things can get a little out of hand if a customer adds a bunch of different addresses — and this can actually slow down your store’s one-page-checkout.asp page. This can result in a poor user experience: delays and timeout errors. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

To prevent these problems, you can limit the number of addresses that will display in the dropdown at checkout. Here’s how:

From your Admin Dashboard go to  Settings > Config Variables.

Find the variable for Maximum Number of Addresses in Billing and Shipping Dropdowns. You can do this by clicking the grey Search button and entering the word "Maximum" in the Name field.

Enter a value to limit the number of saved addresses that will appear in the drop-down (We recommend around 10).

Your customer can still save more than maximum number of addresses that you specify (none of them will be deleted). However, they will only see the most recent ones in the drop-down menu.

If they want to access and manage their older addresses, they can log in and visit the Personal Information section of their My Account page.


Your customers will appreciate that your store allows them to save multiple billing and shipping addresses. However, they’ll also appreciate that you limit the number that display in the drop-down at checkout, so that they have a great user experience.

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