Purchase orders are those detailed docs 📝  that are generated when a customer places an order through your store (Yay!). POs convey how much of what type of product you need to get from your suppliers. Your Volusion store can auto-generate two types of purchase orders, depending on the types of product they’re for:

  1. Purchase orders to replenish stock to pre-existing products in your store’s database

  2. Purchase orders for products configured with a vendor and set to automatically drop-ship

When reviewing your store’s purchase orders, you can only mark the first type — generated within your Admin Area to replenish and receive stock for an existing product — as “received.”  Also keep in mind that for any stock you are replenishing through a Purchase Order, the stock status must be set to a number (even if that number is zero) and not set to Null.

Purchase orders generated by a product configured to automatically drop-ship from a vendor cannot be marked as “received,” because they’re outgoing to a vendor who will fulfill the order for the customer. 

Make sense? If not, let us know and we’ll be glad to help.


When customers order from your online store, one of two types of purchase orders are generated. If it’s for a product within your store’s database, there’s one type of purchase order for that, which you can review and mark as received. 

If it’s for a product that’s set to drop-ship from a vendor, well, there’s a separate purchase order for that. Since it’s outgoing to your vendor, only they can mark it as received (not you). Get it? Got it. Good! 😀

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