One thing all online shoppers are looking for? Efficiency. If your website is slow to load product pages or search results, they will bounce faster than you can say, “shopping cart.”  

The need for speed doesn’t just matter to your shoppers, but for you, too. As a store owner, you need to be able to swiftly take care of business in your Admin Area.

If you're experiencing slowness on your storefront or in your Admin Area, there are a few common causes and some simple solutions to help improve usability for both you and your customers.

What’s Slowing Your Store: New Settings

Quick Fix: Rebuild Your Store’s Search Index 

Your store may not be recognizing new category or product settings, causing a slowdown. Rebuilding your store's search index can help your store reorganize changes to your store's categories and subcategories in the most efficient way. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance in your store Admin Area

  2. Click Rebuild beside Search Index

What’s Slowing Your Admin Area: Caching Issues

Quick Fix: Refresh Your Store Admin Session 

Our clever computers cache active data to shorten the access time when you go back to it. They are already thinking ahead for you. However, when too much information is cached, it can slow down page load times.

The Refresh Store Admin Session tool can be used to address caching issues in your browser and can help improve the speed and performance of your store’s Admin Area. Use this tool to correct cached login issues, cached JavaScript errors and store-related tracking cookie issues. You can do it in two simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance in your Admin Area

  2. Click Refresh beside Store Admin Session

We recommend you restart your browser after using this tool to ensure it is most effective.

What’s Slowing Your Admin Area: Open Columns

Quick Fix: Table View Display Mode

It might be faster to edit multiple records in Table View Display Mode, but if you leave the columns open, it can ultimately slow everything down. To combat this, we recommend using Column Edit Mode sparingly, particularly within the Products page. For example, instead of enabling several columns, simply enable one or two columns to edit. Remember to deactivate the edit mode when changes have been finalized.

The quick solution is to close out your columns after you’re finished editing them:

  1. Go to a table in your Admin Area and hover over the column you want to edit

  2. Click Edit to open the entire column for editing and save any changes to multiple records at the same time

  3. Hover over the open columns and click Disable Edit to disable editing

Don’t let the little things slow you down. Knowing common causes of site sluggishness is half the battle.

If you're still experiencing slowness on your storefront and Admin Area, reach out to Volusion Technical Support for help diagnosing and correcting the issue.


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