What is Order Review?

Order Review lets you have an email automatically generated and sent to a customer a certain number of days after an order has been dispatched. This email provides a link for them to leave a review for the products in the order!

How can I turn it on?

To enable Order Review, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products, click the three-dot actions menu and select All Products Settings.

  2. Select Auto Survey Email Enabled.

  3. In the Auto Survey Email After Number of Days field, enter the number of days after an order has been shipped that you want the email to be sent to your customer.

  4. Click Save.

Can I edit the email that is sent?

Yes, you can edit the email template and text using an FTP Editor. The email in question is named: Product_Review_Request.asp

What $(variables) can I use to modify the email template?

  • $(CompanyLogo)

  • $(CompanyNameShort)

  • $(FirstName)

  • $(LastName)

  • $(OrderID_GUID) – this is used to generate the review links as shown here:


Can we manually send the email from the order detail page like we can with other emails?

No, this email cannot be manually sent. The emails are queued based on the value in the config variable.

I don't use the Volusion software to track shipping. Instead, I upload a CSV file with orderstatus set to "Shipped" to clear out my Open Orders view. Will my method of marking orders as "Shipped" work in conjunction with Auto Survey Email After Number of Days setting?


Does this apply to orders that have already been shipped?

Yes. Emails are queued up to send for orders where the actual ship date is exactly the number of days in the past as the number you configure in the Auto Survey Email After Number of Days field. Emails will also be queued to send for orders with an actual ship date of up to 5 days in the past.

For example, if you set the variable to 3, all new orders will be queued to start sending in 3 days and all orders up to 5 days in the past will be queued to send as soon as possible. Orders placed 3, 4 and 5 days ago will be queued immediately and will send the next time emails go out. Orders placed 2 days ago will be queued up tomorrow. Orders placed yesterday will be queued up for the day after tomorrow.

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