If you haven't created your free trial store yet, follow the steps in Create Your Free Trial Store before proceeding.

Get Started

When you arrive at your Volusion dashboard, you'll immediately see a list of sections where you can customize your store. With everything from themes to product pages, this is where you'll set up the foundations for your site.

Step 1: Pick a Theme

Select a template that best fits your business. This theme can be edited or changed later, by navigating to Design > Themes in your admin area. For more information, visit the Themes article.

Step 2: Style Editor

The Style Editor lets you customize Volusion themes to make them your own. You can modify colors and fonts, view mobile and tablet displays, and even add your own custom CSS to existing themes. For more information, visit the Style Editor article.

On the Logo tab, you have two options:

 • Text Logo (displays your logo as text-only).
 • Graphic (lets you upload a logo image to your storefront).

If you don't have a graphic logo designed at this point, you can upload one at any point in the future. Until then, your theme will generate a text logo.

Step 4: Add Your Products

Now it's time to customize the meat of your store: the products. Your initial Products page will have sample items, so you can see what goods will look like on your storefront.

Once you entered your product info, press Save Product to get your goods live.

Step 5: Customize Your Site

Upload a homepage banner image - also known as a Hero image - to your storefront, and customize the banner text and call-to-action button. For more information on changing your homepage banner or slideshow images, click here.

Step 6: Add Navigation

For advanced Navigation Menu configuration, see the article Customizing Navigation Menus.

Step 7: Get Ready to Sell

You can select a pricing plan now, or continue to build your store by clicking "Continue Exploring."

Ready to learn even more about selling online? Check out the rest of our help center. For additional help, reach out to our support team.

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