Nothing incentivizes shoppers to load up their carts more than a good deal. You may already know you can create coupons for a storewide discount, but did you know you can also create coupons for a specific product or group of products? 📺 👗 🎻  

This is a great way to clear out some excess inventory that didn’t sell as well as you had hoped. Maybe they were originally priced too high, or just not as popular as others. But for many customers, any items look good at a discount!  

Here’s how to create product-specific coupons:

  1. Go to Marketing > Coupons/Discounts and click Add.

  2. Set the Discount Type to either Dollar Amount off a PRODUCT or Percent off a PRODUCT.

  3. Enter the discount amount in the Discount Value field.

  4. If you want to create an automatic discount (so the customer doesn't have to enter a code), leave the Coupon check box deselected.

  5. If you want the customer to enter a promo code for this discount, select the Coupon checkbox and enter a code in the Coupon Code field. Be sure to select which Coupon Usage setting you prefer, as well.

  6. Next to the Products field, click Select Products to pick the products you want to apply the discount to.

  7. Click Save.


Discounting specific items is a great way to encourage shoppers who have been eyeing a certain item and waiting for the right time to buy. It’s also a useful tool for moving out excess inventory that hasn’t sold as you hoped it would. This enables you to make room for new products that may be more popular or priced to sell. 

Offering discounts on specific products can often result in shoppers adding other full-priced items to their shopping carts, as well -- so you never know when even small savings can result in big spending. Happy couponing!

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