When you run a business, there’s so much to keep track of — money coming in, 💰 money going out, 💸  customer information, 👨👩  inventory, sales, returns.👕 👗 👞 This is where .csv files come in handy! With .csv files, you can easily keep your info organized in a spreadsheet.

CSV stands for “comma separated values,” and these types of files allow you to save the info mentioned above in a table-like format that can be edited with most spreadsheet programs. If you don’t have a spreadsheet program for your business yet, there are lots options out there, depending on if you’re a Mac or PC user. So find the program that’s right (easiest!) for you. 

Programs For Editing .csv Files

Volusion merchants can use any spreadsheet program they like. Some of the most popular spreadsheet editing programs include Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple’s Numbers program.

⚠️ The most important thing to remember is to save the file as .csv rather than the program’s default file type. For example, Excel usually saves files with a .xlsx extension. To save a file with a .csv extension, go to “save as” in your program, specify the filename and where you want to store it on your computer, and then go to the “format” pulldown menu. Select “.csv comma separated value” from the menu selections. Click “save,” and your file will be in the proper .csv format for Volusion editing. 

Alternative Programs to Try

Shareware/freeware products can also be used to edit .csv files. If you want to try some out, look into OpenOffice, it’s free and uses the GPL/LGPL license to edit .csv files for import/export. LibreOffice is a free open source office suite product that is constantly updated for improvements. WPS Office offers a close resemblance to Microsoft products without the user fee. To test out more, try a Google search for “spreadsheet programs” to discover which one fits your taste — and budget 💰💰💰  — the best. Again, just remember to save your files as .csv. 😀

Notepad or EditPad

These text-only editing programs can be used to edit .csv files. This method is best if used with small amounts of data, as the data is not spreadsheet-formatted and must be manually edited.

Good To Know

While we love being helpful, we can’t offer support for third-party programs and applications. If you need assistance, we recommend that you contact the support team for your preferred program.

Spreading the Love

If you’re not already a spreadsheet user, you’ll find .csv files can help you organize all kinds of data for your business. Keep in mind, there may be a bit of a learning curve in discovering how to manipulate the data. (There are people who have worked with Excel for years who still don’t know how to do everything with it!) You can find plenty of tutorials online 🤓  to help you if you get stuck, and some free programs have a strong online community that you can post questions to. Find the one that works for you and you’ll become a data importing and exporting machine!

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