Nobody likes spam and besides being annoying, some of it is actually intended to con the recipient into revealing personal identity information or sending money. This is known as phishing. 

This often happens when an email account is hacked and the hacker then sends out emails to everyone in the account’s address book that look legit, but are anything but. 

To prevent this, SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records are optional records used to verify sender IP addresses and protect it from sending out spam. By adding an SPF record, you can specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from your domain email addresses (for example,

Volusion-Hosted Email

If you set up your mailboxes through Volusion, your can use the following information to set up an SPF record in your MyVolusion account at Manage DNS. If you have more than one order, select your hosting plan from the Choose a Domain menu and click Add New Record below your list of records. Then fill out the following fields with this info:

Record Name: [] (exclude the "www." portion and include a trailing period character)

Record Type*: TXT

Hostname: v=spf1 ~all

Before saving, your record entry should look something like this:

Using this SPF record will ensure that all emails sent from your Volusion-hosted email boxes are verified. Be sure to replace "[]" with your Volusion store's domain name or servertrust address. Once you save a record, the MyVolusion interface will automatically add closing periods after the record name and the host name. 

*Note: Although there is an "SPF" record type in the drop-down menu, be sure to use the "TXT" record type. The SPF option is a legacy record type that no longer functions.

Non-Volusion-Hosted Email

If your email is hosted somewhere other than Volusion, then your SPF record will vary based on the information provided by your email host.

If your Email Address From config variable is set to an email address, your SPF record will have the following hostname:

Hostname: v=spf1 include:[email host server] ~all

You should replace the "[email host server]" with the information provided by your email host.

Adding this link to the Hostname of your SPF record will ensure that all emails generated by your store are verified by your SPF record.

SPF Records For Email Marketing Partners

If you are using an email marketing service to send newsletters or customer notifications, the third-party service may request that you add their hostname or IP address to your SPF record. The specific email marketing company should be able to provide you with information on configuring an SPF record that verifies their sent emails.

Prevent Hack Attacks

By taking proper precautions with SPF records, you can prevent an email crisis for your business. The last thing you need as a business owner is someone tarnishing your spotless reputation. Set up yours today.

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