Online merchants have to be savvy shoppers, too, when it comes to their shipping rates. Rather than accept any standard rates set by FedEx and UPS, you can actually negotiate with them. 

See, if you’re going to be doing a lot of shipping, those companies want your business. So they’ll often work with you on pricing if you set up an account with them. Just ask to speak with an account manager about a discounted commercial rate.

How To Set Up Negotiated UPS Shipping Rates In Your Store

Negotiated FedEx shipping rates are already integrated into Volusion’s normal registration interface for that carrier. If you want to receive negotiated shipping rates through UPS, there is an additional step required to complete integration.

After registering with UPS for negotiated shipping rates, you'll receive a Shipper Number from UPS that must be entered into your store, like so:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Config Variables > Search

  2. Type "Shipping UPS" in the Name field

  3. Click the Search button

  4. In the Shipping UPS Shipper Number field, enter the shipper number provided by UPS

  5. In the Shipping UPS Username field, enter the username you use to log in at

  6. In the Shipping UPS Password field, enter the password you use to log in at

  7. Click Save

Done and done. You’re now set up to receive negotiated rates via UPS.


Never underestimate the power of bargaining. As a store owner, you’ll need to cut operational costs as much as possible to increase your profits. Saving even a little bit on shipping a lot of orders can add up big time. So start wheeling and dealing! 

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