When it comes to packing slips and showing prices, it’s a matter of personal preference. Yours that is.

By default, all packing slips generated by your store and included in each order your customers receive, will show:

  • Billing info

  • Shipping info

  • Products that were ordered and shipped

Product prices, however, are omitted from packing slips, to protect privacy and avoid any delivery snafus. Instead, they can be found on an order’s printable invoice.  

If you decide that you just love transparency so much that you want to remind your customers of what they spent, you always have the option of manually including the prices on your packing slip. Here’s how:

How To Generate A Packing Slip

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Orders > Process Orders and click the ID number of the order you want to generate a packing slip for

  2. Within the order, click the Packing Slip link on the top-right portion of the order screen

  3. A new page will display containing the packing slip, and a pop-up will prompt you to print it; you can also print your packing slip from the order’s Details page

Adding Prices

To display pricing info on the packing slip, you’ll need to modify the URL for the page your store just generated. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Cancel button in the print dialog pop-up

  2. Next, look at the URL for the packing slip page and find the portion of the URL that reads, PackingSlip=Y

  3. Replace the Y with an N and click Enter to override the default settings for the packing slip

  4. When the page reloads, the packing slip will contain pricing information for the order, and you can print it

The directions above will present the Invoice view of the order which, includes the QTY along with the prices. If you don’t want it to read as an invoice, you can change the "Invoice=Y" in the url to "Invoice=N," which will not display a header.


There may be times when you want to include prices on your packing slip. Perhaps you want to offer it to your customers as a form of receipt. Your Volusion store lets you make any changes you like to give your customer the user experience YOU want.

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