Running your store can take a lot of hands pitching in to manage different parts of the business. Your staff will need admin access to your store, but you can limit their access to just the areas they will be working on. This reduces the risk of them touching an area of the business where they might lack knowledge and prevents them from accidentally altering important settings. 

For example, you may have:

- Administrators who only work on a single portion of your website

- Designers who only need access to your theme files

- Cashiers who only need access to create new orders

You can edit administrator access permissions by going to Customers > Administrators, clicking the ID number of the administrator account you want to edit, and clicking Edit Cust # Access Rules below the Access Key value.

Super Admin

By default, your store has a primary administrator account — known as the Super Admin — which is typically assigned Customer ID #1 within your Customer's database table. The Super Admin has access to every area of your store and can grant customer accounts administrator access. No cape required.

Database Tables

  • Products (View / edit Products, Options, Option Categories, Warehouses, and In-Stock Requests)

  • Product_Keys (View / edit Product Keys and Product Key Distribution)

  • Discounts (View / edit Coupons / Discounts)

  • GiftCards (View / edit Gift Certificates)

  • Customers (View / edit Customer Accounts, including customer passwords; this Access Key is a prerequisite for the following Access Keys: CRM System, Accounts, Administrators, Affiliates and LoginAsCustomer)

  • LoginAsCustomer (Log in as a customer)

  • Reviews (View / edit Customer Reviews)

  • Affiliates (View / edit Affiliates, i.e. system settings, and Affiliate Stats)

  • ConfigSetup (View / edit Config Variables, Company, SEO and Product Display Settings)

  • PaymentMethods (View / edit settings on the Payment page; this Access Key is a prerequisite for the Credit / Debit Cards Access Key)

  • Vendors (View / edit Vendors) 

  • POs (View / edit Purchase Orders)

  • Orders (View / edit Orders, Phone Orders, Recurring Billing, Returns / RMAs and Abandoned/Live Carts; allows the use of the Point of Sale system; this Access Key is a prerequisite for the Credit / Debit Cards Access Key) 

  • Credit / Debit Cards (View / complete Credit / Debit Card / eCheck details of an Order)

  • Articles (View / edit site content, i.e. articles, and the Knowledge Base) 

  • Newsletters (View / edit Newsletters)

  • Categories (View / edit Categories and subcategories)  

  • Specials (View / edit Nav Menu Promotions)

Admin Area Sections

  • Import (Ability to use Data Import tool)

  • Export (Ability to use Data Export tool; this Access Key is a prerequisite for the API Access Key)

  • AdminHistory (View Admin History table)

  • File Editor (View / edit Themes, Custom Fields, IP Firewall and File Editor; change website colors and edit HTML and CSS files; this Access Key is a prerequisite for the BrandingImages (Logos) Access Key.

  • Inventory (Prepare shipments and Receiving and view / edit Search Terms)

  • Locations (View / edit Countries / States / Provinces in Shipping, as well as Currency)

  • Tax (View / edit tax rates and settings)

  • ROI Tracker (View / edit ROI Tracking)

  • StoreStats (Generate reports and view graphs / statistics on the Dashboard)

  • WebsiteDesign (View / edit styles and settings in Navigation Menu)

  • BrandingImages (View / edit Logos)

  • Maintenance (Open / close the store and use tools)

  • Administrators (Create / edit Administrators and update Access Keys; having the Access Key of Customers gives you the ability to view the Administrators table, but you will not have the ability to open or edit any records until this Administrators Access Key is checked)

  • Volusion Social (Post from the Social page)

  • Deal of the Day (Create/edit deals)

  • Social Store (Modify settings)

  • CRM Manager (Create / edit settings in CRM System)

  • API (Access Volusion API tools)

  • My Rewards (Modify settings)

  • Release Notes (View Release Notes)

Who Does What 

All administrators have the ability to view the Resources page, but depending on the additional Access Key settings, not all administrators will be able to use the tools available on the Resources page. All administrators are also able to view the Get Help Now, Volusion Blog, and To Do List portions of the Dashboard page.

Specific Cases

In order to perform some tasks within the Admin Area, administrators need multiple Access Keys.  For example:

To use the general Volusion API Integration Help tools, an administrator needs all of the following Access Keys: Import, Export, API, Administrators, Shipping Methods, Customers, Orders, Products. 

To use the Google Merchant Center Feed Integration, an administrator needs the Export, API, and Products Access Keys.

If you have a situation where an administrator needs to accomplish a task and is blocked by one of their Access Key settings, use the prerequisites listed above to ensure that the individual has all of the access that they need.


By setting up your various team member administrators with only the keys they need, you have more control of who has access to your store. You’ll know specifically who does what and to whom to turn if there is ever an issue. Your administrators become specialists of their areas, empowered by you.

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