The internet opens your business to a wide range of customers all across the world, which can be a great advantage over a traditional retail store. But dealing with customers you'll never meet or see can also increase your risk of people taking advantage of your business.

There are a few practical steps you can take to safeguard your business and your customers from potential online fraud.

Choose The Most Protective Payment Settings

One way to better protect your store is to configure your payment settings to Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping. When you select this option, your customer's credit card will be authorized for the purchase amount as soon as an order is placed, assuring you that your customer has the necessary funds to complete the transaction. Once you have reviewed the order and are ready to ship the product, you can simply capture the transaction to collect payment.

To manage your payment settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area
  2. Click Alternative Settings
  3. Select the first option (Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping)

Keep An Eye On Your Orders

It's a good idea to regularly review all your store's orders (not just those pending shipment) to see if anything looks unusual or suspicious. To see your store's orders, go to Orders > Process Orders in your Admin Area.

Once the Orders table has loaded, you'll see all open orders. You can use the Filter menu to display orders with a specific order status.

If you notice any suspicious activity (for example, numerous declined transactions created within a few minutes time or a large number of transactions generated by the same customer or account), you can click on the ID of the order to examine it further.

Within each order's details page, you can view any information supplied by the customer as well as the IP address the order was placed from. You can use this to further verify the validity of orders.

Check Your Orders’ Fraud Score

If you use Fraud Score, a column showing fraud scores is displayed in the Orders list, where "0" indicates the highest level of risk and "300" the lowest. This score (and whether an order has minimal, moderate or high risk) is also displayed on each order. Clicking on the Details link will break down how this score was generated and provide more info to help you vet your orders.


Ecommerce has become a global business, expanding a merchant’s opportunity for greater reward … and greater risk as well. Minimizing risk of fraud for your store and its customers comes down to being prepared, vigilant and ready to act fast if you suspect suspicious activity. We help make it as tough as possible for ne'er do wells to gain your system. Because a secure store is a successful store.

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