When you’re the boss, there are always a million things to keep track of. One of the best ways to organize, prioritize and remember it all is to create a to-do list. There’s no better place “to do” that than right in your Volusion Dashboard, where you’re more likely to actually look at it (and act on it). Located on the lower-right side of your Dashboard, this feature is up for the task of helping you get 'er done.

Creating a To-Do List Item

To add an item to your to-do list, click Add Item. Type your task and click Add. Done and done.

Prioritizing List Items

You can specify the order of your to-do list items by clicking Prioritize and using the up and down arrows to reorder each item's position in the list. When you’ve got all your priorities straight (at least in regards to your store), click Finished.

Clearing List Items

The most rewarding part of making a list is checking tasks off of it. To do so, click the checkbox next to any task to mark it as Complete. If you want to remove the completed item, just click the trash can icon that will appear.

Mind Your Own Business

The to-do list functionality within the Admin Area is administrator account-specific. Any items configured within your to-do list will only be viewable from your own store administrator account and cannot be accessed by other store administrators. In other words, it’s all yours and totally private


With your own personal to-do list in your Volusion account, you can stay on top of everything you need to accomplish in a day’s work. While we can’t put more hours in the days for you ⏰ , we can help you make the most of them!

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