Tweet, tweet? Are you using social media like the powerful marketing tool that it is? By tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest and sharing video on YouTube, you can showcase your products, advertise promotions and lead conversations about your industry to let people know you’re on trend.

Social media can consume a lot of your precious time, between creating engaging content and posting it to each social media site. Sharing right from your Volusion store helps to streamline your efforts.


Here are some great tips on how to leverage Facebook as a powerful marketing platform.


Like Facebook, Twitter has a massive user base of 319 million monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2016, according to Statista. Known as “microblogging,” Twitter allows you 140 characters to post about everything going on with your store, from sales to how-to tips to comments about industry trends. Using hashtags (#) will allow users to find your posts based on the topic, such as  #HolidaySale or #DailyDeal and #shoes #gadgets.

You can post directly to Twitter from your Volusion Admin Area, and even add links to specific products and categories. Since followers receive your tweets in real time, it can be a great way to entice those #LastMinuteShoppers!


When it comes to Pinterest and your business, a picture can be worth a thousand sales. Pinterest allows you to post images and a short caption for people to save to their boards. People use their boards in a variety of ways: to create wish lists for shopping and gifting purposes, to curate an aesthetic for projects such as interior design or weddings and to exchange trend ideas and interests with other users. So you want to make sure your products are on there!

Adding the Pin It button to products on your storefront makes it easy for customers to shout your brand’s name from the virtual rooftops.


YouTube is an online video channel with over a billion people watching and sharing videos. From creating videos on your own YouTube account to partnering with established “YouTube Stars” for product placement or reviews, there are multiple ways to get your product in front of YouTube’s massive audience of viewers. 

Videos are a great way to introduce your business and to show customers how to use your products. You don’t have to be an expert videographer or have high-tech equipment. The keys to great videos are steady camerawork (consider using a tripod — they even make them for your phone), showcasing the product in action, and making it creative and expressive of your brand so it engages your audience and leaves an impression. Once you’ve shot your magnum opus, uploading videos to your storefront is quick and easy. If you’re thinking of adding videos to your site, our blog shows you 3 Easy Ways to Engage Your Customers with Video.


Social media can be a fun way to create a buzz around your product. You may even be lucky enough to post content that people decide to take “viral” and share with thousands of others. It can bring a large amount of traffic to your store and earn you new customers. So go on and get social!

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