If your business is booming, congrats! 🎉  You may be adding more inventory as you grow, and your Volusion store can scale with you. With several plans to choose from to suit your store’s needs — and your budget — it’s easy to upgrade. 

To Upgrade Your Volusion Plan ...

Login to my.volusion.com and click the Plans / Orders under My Account. Then click Upgrade My Plan.

Select the plan that suits your needs, then click Change My Plan. Once your store account has been upgraded, you will receive an email confirming your upgrade. 

If you're upgrading your plan, you will receive an email from Volusion regarding your account prior to the store upgrade.

To Downgrade Your Volusion Plan ...

If you have decided to scale back your inventory for whatever reason, you may also downgrade your plan. You will need to Message Us in the drop down in the top right hand corner of your admin area with the plan level you would like to downgrade to.


Your Volusion store plan is adaptable to fit your evolving business needs and budgets. We hope your store continues to grow bigger and better. And when it does, we’ll be here to continue to support you.

Check out info on all of our different plans and find the one that fits you best. 

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