Everybody loves a treat. 🍬  Some shoppers are looking for a small gesture for an upcoming occasion, like a dinner party or holiday gathering. Others just like the ability to buy lots of little affordable items to feel like they’re getting more for their money. And still others just want something small to scratch the itch to shop without blowing their budgets. This is where a “$10 & Under” category comes in!

Take a cue from grocery stores and brick-and-mortar retailers like Sephora and Best Buy, who strategically place small up-selling items near the checkout. Place your own lower-priced goodies in plain view of your customers by creating a category $10 and Under or “Little Things” category. 

Create A $10 & Under Category

The most simple and efficient way to add low-priced products to this new category is with an SQL statement. Here’s how: 

1. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Categories

2. Click Add and enter the basic category info, including the Name (i.e. "Little Things") and the menu where you'd like the category to display

3. Expand the Advanced Info > Misc section of the page, and enter the following code into the Custom SQL Filter field: ProductPrice <= 10.00

4. Click Save

In the above example, the "10.00" price filter pulls in all products with a price less than or equal to $10.00.

You can also create a custom category that includes items of your choice, regardless of price. Simply create the "Little Things" category without filling in a Custom SQL Filter, then add individual products to the category.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping with a minimum order amount is a great way to persuade customers to add up-sell items to their cart. And you’ll want to promote it. Not only will this entice them to add on to their order, but it will spare them possible “sticker shock” of shipping costs, which is a common conversion killer.

You can set up a message that displays on the shopping cart page to notify customers that they’ll receive free shipping if they spend a certain amount, and let’s them know how far away they are from getting the deal. Here’s how:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Shipping.
  2. In the Advanced Shipping Settings section, be sure to enable free shipping.
  3. Select Free Shipping Qualification Message on Shopping Cart Page.
  4. Click Save

Customize The Free Shipping Qualification Message

To let shoppers know about your new $10 and Under category, you can customize the wording of your shopping cart's free shipping qualification message, like so:

1. Go to Design > Page Text.

2. In the Search Page Text field, "free".

3. Click Search.

4. Page Text ID 780 controls the qualification message that your shoppers will see; here you can edit the text to add a promotional sentence and a link to your "Little Things" category, i.e.

See our <a href="/SearchResults.asp?Cat=YYY">Stocking Stuffers</a> category for some great deals that will help qualify you for Free Shipping!

Be sure to replace "YYY" with the ID of the category you created above. Note that you'll need to retain the first part of the existing notification text ("You are {0} from qualifying for free shipping") so that the variable can calculate the remaining dollar amount needed. 

If you're familiar with HTML, you can add additional formatting to the message. If you are not familiar with HTML, contact your web developer to help you.

5. Click Save.

Your shoppers will now see the custom free shipping qualification message you've configured, and can quickly find and browse your new category to add small items to their carts — and money to your pocket! 💰💰💰


By giving your customers the opportunity to purchase both big-ticket and small-ticket items, you can appeal to shoppers with diverse budgets and purchase needs. Sweetening the deal with free shipping on a minimum order amount may be just the incentive they need to stretch their budgets a bit more, and can add up to bigger profits in your bank! 🏦

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