There’s something about a sale that gets people excited. 😄  Oh we know, it’s because they’re saving money and who doesn’t want to do that? 💵

There may be times when you have excess inventory on your hands. 👕👕👕 Perhaps you overstocked before the holiday season, or certain items didn’t move as you had forecasted. Having those items sitting on your shelves means they are not bringing money in the door — unless you provide an incentive.

With Volusion’s coupon and discount settings, you can configure deals on specific products or categories of products, percentages off an entire order, coupon codes and more! You’ll be enticing new and returning shoppers to add more to their carts, while shedding leftover stock in the process. Go, you!

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Coupons vs. Discounts

Once you’ve determined which item(s) you’ll be offering at a lower price, you’ll need to decide whether you want to use a coupon or discount.

Coupons require shoppers to enter a code at checkout to receive the advertised discount. You can share coupon codes in a variety of ways – in blog posts, via email newsletters, social media and even on your homepage.

Discounts are typically configured to apply automatically to either a product or an order, with no required action from shoppers. If a customer’s order qualifies for both a coupon and an automatic discount, the discount will be applied before the coupon.

You can have multiple discounts and coupons enabled for different items at the same time, thus increasing the chances that your customers will have a qualifying item in their cart and head to checkout.

Setting Up a Coupon

Here’s an example of how to create a coupon for 10% off an entire order, when a customer purchases two or more of any product in the same category. You can also configure this coupon so that it can only be used once by each customer.

  1. Go to Marketing > Coupons/Discounts and click Add
  2. Under Basic Discount Info, enter a relevant Discount Name to display in your shoppers' carts during the checkout process
  3. Select Percent Off Entire Order from the Discount Type menu, then enter "10" into the Discount Value field
  4. Check the box for Coupon, then type the Coupon Code that your shoppers will need to enter to apply the discount to their order (for example, "10OFF")
  5. Choose One-Time Use Coupon from the Coupon Usage drop-down, then select Cannot Be Used With Another Coupon
  6. Click Select Categories to choose categories the coupon should apply to, then click Apply
  7. Under Advanced Info, select Set Time Limit to set a Begin Date and (optionally) an End Date for the promotion
  8. Select Define Quantity Requirements and enter "2" into the Minimum Quantity field, then select the Span option to allow the coupon to be applied to a range of different, qualifying products
  9. Click Save

Now, customers can enter the coupon code "10OFF" when they check out to discount the subtotal of the whole order by 10%, provided they have at least two products from the same category in their cart. Each customer can only apply this coupon once, and it cannot be combined with other coupons. Any automatic discounts that are configured, however, will still apply.

Setting Up a Quantity Discount

To clear out a large quantity of one type of product, you may want to offer a discount when shoppers purchase more than one product from that specific group of products. For example, if you offer holiday-themed shirts in different colors and designs, you may want to allow your customers to mix and match the items in their cart to encourage a greater purchase quantity, or offer a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal. 

Here’s an example of how to offer a 10% discount to customers that order three or more applicable products. Customers will be eligible to use this discount each time they place a new order with your store.

  1. Go to Marketing > Coupons/Discounts and click Add
  2. Enter a Name for the discount (for example, "10% Off 3 or More")
  3. Select Percent Off a Product from the Discount Type drop-down menu, and enter "10" in the Discount Value field
  4. Click Select Products to choose any products the quantity discount should apply to, then click Apply
  5. Under Advanced Info, select Define Quantity Requirements and type “3” into the Minimum Quantity field
  6. Enable the Span option
  7. Click Save

The cost of each applicable product will be discounted by 10%, provided at least three of the qualifying products are in a shopper's cart. This discount is applied automatically and can be used by any customer, any time. If you only want to offer this deal for a specific time period, be sure to select Set Time Limit and enter an End Date.


Coupons and Discounts give customers the extra incentive they need to load up their carts. They’ll feel good 😀 about saving money and you’ll feel good about clearing out excess inventory 👗👗👗 and potentially racking up higher total order values. Win-win! 

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