What is a Product Description?

A product description defines what your product is to your customers and entices them to make a purchase.

Product descriptions typically include information such as what the product looks like, how it feels, where it's made, and the materials that make the product. A good product description also uses descriptive language to sell an emotion or a feeling that the product embodies. For more information on writing effective product descriptions, see THIS ARTICLE.

Product Description Fields

There are multiple fields you can use to add descriptions on each product page, but the main description field is located in the Basic Info section of a product.

Product Description

From your store's Admin Dashboard, navigate to Inventory > Products.

Click a product code to open the product edit page.

You can add the main Product Description to the Description field under Basic Info.

Located at the top of the Description Field is a Tool Bar used to edit the information in the description field. Each button has a different function.

The HTML Button shows Description Field as HTML. This button must be clicked prior to writing pasting any HTML code in the field.

The Formatting Button allows you to set the size and prominence of the text you are typing.

The Bold Button changes any text you have highlighted to Bold.

The Italic Button changes any text you have highlighted to Italic.

The Strikethrough Button changes any text you have highlighted to Strikethrough.

The Bulleted List Button creates a Bulleted list.

The Numbered List Button creates a Numbered list.

The Outdent Button moves indented items to the left.

The Indent Button moves a line to the right.

The Insert Image Button uploads an image from your computer to the product.

The Embed Video Button allows you to apply the embed code from a YouTube video (or any video source with an embed code) for display on the product.

The Add Table Button gives options to create a table within the description field.

The Add Link Button allows you to add a link to text within the description.

The Text Align Button allows you to Align, Center or Justify text in the description.

The Insert Horizontal Rule Button adds a horizontal line between text in the description.

The Font Family Button allows you to change the font on the description text.

The Font Color Button changes the color of the font in the description.

The Font Background Color Button allows you to change the background color that displays with your font.

The Font Size Button changes font size in description.

Make sure and click the blue Save Button at the top right of the Product Page when your changes are complete.

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