3D Secure is a service facilitated by Visa and Mastercard that adds an additional layer of security to online credit card transactions. A SecureCode is issued for each of your credit cards, and for merchants with 3D Secure activated on their Credit Card Gateway, customers must enter a password to complete a transaction. This protects from unauthorized use of a customer's card and meets the standards of the Strong Customer Authentication protocol.

Customers can register for this service directly on a 3D Secure merchant website while performing an online transaction. There is no charge for the service and the security functionality is available as soon as the registration is successful. Customers can then use their password to log in to any 3D Secure site to complete transactions. Each card used by a customer will need to be registered separately and in the event a new card is issued, it must also be registered.

When registering for a 3D Secure password, customers will need to provide the Expiration Date of their Credit Card, the principal cardholders date of birth and the 3-digit CVV/CVC2 code on the back of their card. They will then choose and confirm a password and add a Personal Assurance Message (PAM). This PAM will be displayed every time you transact on a 3D Secure merchant site. If the merchant site is an authentic site, the same PAM will be displayed. Card details are then encrypted and stored on a secure server.

As a merchant, 3D Secure can help protect you from chargebacks for unauthorized transactions. For more information about the 3D Secure requirements for your site, contact your Credit Card Gateway.

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