Keeping your site safe and running smoothly is serious business. Your Credit Card Gateway (Credit Card Payment Provider) may require you to "whitelist" Volusion's IP address in order to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It is important to contact your Payment Gateway and see if they require whitelisting.

Whitelisting involves logging in to your Payment Gateway's site and providing them with the following IP address:

This process can differ for each Payment Gateway, so you will want to contact your provider's Support Team to make sure you have handled the process correctly.

If your Payment Gateway requires you to whitelist our IP address and you fail to do so, you may not be able to process credit card payments on your site.

Provided below are links for many of the payment gateways that we support.

Paymentech Support Phone: 1-800-934-7717

eProcessing Support Phone: 1-800-971-0997

Bambora Support Phone: 1-833-226-2672

USAePay Support Phone: 1-866-872-3729

SecurePay Support Phone: 1-855-452-7135

Stripe Support

Skrill Support

Digital River Support

If you have additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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