What is GMV?

GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume), simply put, is the amount of total transactions that are processed through the payment methods you offer on your store. In the case of Volusion hosting plans this is specifically the transactions recorded during the previous 12 months. All of our hosting plans have a maximum limit, if the limit is exceeded the hosting plan will be upgraded to the next appropriate level. The GMV limits for our hosting plans are as follows:

  • Personal: $50K

  • Professional: $100K

  • Business: $500K

  • Prime: Unlimited

Does GMV ever reset?

No, GMV does not ever reset. It is always calculated from the previous 12 months of sales.

What if I want to downgrade my plan?

If your store's product limit and GMV are within the limits of a lower plan you can request to downgrade your hosting plan by contacting our Billing team.

Please keep in mind that all downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing cycle and no refunds are issued.

How can I find my store's GMV?

Some stores will have this information in the very first graph on your store's Admin Dashboard.

If this is not the case, you can use the following steps to locate your store's GMV:

Important: This report will not show accurate GMV if orders have been deleted or have recurring billing.

From your store's Admin Dashboard choose Reports > Reporting from the main menu.

On the Reporting Page, click the Create/Edit Report button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

In the Create New Report pop-up select the following settings:

Choose Report: Orders

Based On: Order Date

Order Status: Not Cancelled

Time Period: Past 365 Days

You can choose to Save New Report or Do Not Save. It will show in on your Reporting Page either way.

Click the blue Generate button at the bottom of the pop-up to create your report.

The amount that shows on the Totals line under the Payment Received column is your store's GMV.

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