You’re getting ready to fling open your store’s digital doors. You’ve reviewed our step-by-step Getting Started Guide to get you to this point. And now you just have to put on the finishing touches before your grand opening.

But wait, can anyone see your online store as you’re working on it? Those wonky web pages and daring design choices you had to fix? 😳  Well, even though your store is technically already online, no one will see your work in progress until it’s finally finished and you publish it under your domain name. 

If you've completed all the setup steps in the article above and you're ready to flip the switch on your store, here’s how to do it (drumroll, please 🥁):

  1. Log in to your Admin Area
  2. Go to Settings > Company
  3. Change the value in the Domain Name menu from Temporary Hostname to Domain Name
  4. Click Save

Aaand just like that, you’re live!


You’ve done the hard work and now it’s time for the big reveal. Flip the switch and start welcoming your customers. You may even want to offer opening day specials to get the sales started. Congrats and ka-ching! 

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