With your Volusion store pricing structure, you can show customers what kind of deal they're getting — from lower-than-suggested list prices to sales. 

The most basic pricing model available for display on your product page includes the List Price, Our Price and the Sale Price.

List Price

This price is often the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). If it’s greater than the price you are offering, you can display it to let customers see how much they’re saving by shopping with you. To configure, go to the List Price in the Advanced Settings > Pricing section of the product page.

Our Price

This is the regular price that you are selling the product for. It corresponds to the required Price field in the Basic Info section of each product's page in the Admin Area. By default, it will be displayed as Our Price on your storefront.

Sale Price

The Sale Price will override Our Price if the Sale Price is lower. Configure a product Sale Price in Advanced Settings > Pricing on the product page in your Admin Area. Displaying Our Price along with the Sale Price can help emphasize products that are on sale.


Savings will show the difference between the List Price and Sale Price, or the difference between Our Price and Sale Price if no List Price is entered.

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