You can manage all of your Knowledge Base content —  product care instructions, FAQs, how-to articles and more — in your Admin Area. Your Admin Area is also where you can find articles (organized by category) that you can search for by keyword. 

You can access your Knowledge Base homepage by visiting: (but be sure to replace “yourvolusionstore" with your actual domain name ). 

Give your customers easy access to your KB by creating a "Help" link right on your storefront that will direct them to it. There, they will be able to navigate the content by category or perform keyword searches. This type of customer support can really set your store apart from the competition and foster brand trust and loyalty. 

Your Knowledge Base is also accessible to your internal staff and helps keep everyone in the know about internal policies and procedures. If you have specific articles or pieces of info that you want only your staff to see — and not your shoppers — you can simply mark them as Private.


Make use of your Knowledge Base by loading it with helpful info your customers can reference. This allows you to provide shoppers with robust support without the cost of hiring a large customer service team. For the staff members you do have, KB is also a helpful resource for getting and staying up to speed on your store’s internal policies and procedures.

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