New — It’s a word that commands attention. Especially when written in all caps and followed by an exclamation point. Even creature-of-habit customers who always buy the same thing, can’t resist the siren song of NEW! that lures them over for a peek. 

Your can satisfy your shoppers’ natural curiosity to know what’s new by automatically displaying a NEW! icon for your product listings for a set number of days. We’ll show you how.

Setting up NEW! Automation

To activate and set up this feature, you will first need to configure a few settings in your store's Admin Area.

Enable Temporary Products

First, you’ll need to enable your store's ability to use temporary products:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products

  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select All Products Settings

  3. Select Enable Temporary Products

  4. Click Save

Configure Display Days

Next, you need to define how long the NEW! icon will be displayed for:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables

  2. Click Search

  3. Enter "new" in the Name field

  4. Click the blue Search button

  5. Find the variable labeled Mark as New Product Period and enter the number of days you would like the New! heading to be displayed for

  6. Save changes on the Config Variables page

Edit Product Settings

You'll also need to configure your product(s) to display the NEW! product heading:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products

  2. Click on the product code of the product you want to edit

  3. Under Advanced Info > Product Display, enter the date to begin displaying this new item into the Display Begin Date field and save changes

After the products have been displayed for the specified number of days, the NEW! product heading will be automatically removed.

Adding a “New” Category to Your Store 🆕  

“Hey, what’s new?” It’s a common greeting because people love to be kept in the know — including your shoppers. Seasonal collections, updated products and the latest innovations are exciting and can grab customers’ attention — especially when well displayed. Lucky for you, you can create a category dedicated to showcasing your latest and greatest goods. We’ll tell you how. 

  1. Go to Inventory > Categories and click Add

  2. Fill in the Category Name

  3. Select a Nav Menu from the Show in Menu drop-down to specify how and where you want your category to appear on your storefront

  4. Expand the Advanced Settings section of the page and click on Misc.

  5. In the Custom SQL Filter field, paste the following query: DATEDIFF(DAY, DisplayBeginDate, GETDATE()) <= 60

  6. Click Save

The number "60" at the end of the above query indicates that your products will stay in your “New” category for 60 days. If you would like to increase or decrease the length of time, simply type in a different number at the end. However, the rest of the query should be exactly as it is displayed above.

"New" Category and Product Limitations

We know. Limitations sound so … limiting. Thankfully, the limitations are limited to two:

  1. Due to the SQL Filter, if you have mobile commerce enabled, you will not be able to use the "New" category on your mobile storefront. You can still use the category for your desktop storefront.

  2. Any product with a Display Begin Date set will not be eligible for use as a Deal of the Day product. For new products that you would like to use for Deal of the Day, you will need to temporarily remove the Display Begin Date field for the period of time that you are running the Deal, then put the Display Begin Date back to have it appear in your "New" category again.


Drive customer interest in your latest (and greatest) products by slapping an unignorable NEW! label on it. It’s easy to automate so that your customers are always in the know (which could mean more sales for you). 

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