Have you ever gotten a new gadget that has all kinds of bells and whistles, but you end up only using it for a couple of basic functions? Such a waste of potential!

Well, your Volusion store is chock-full of tools, widgets and gizmos designed to help you work smarter. But they won’t be of any use unless you know how to use them. So let’s take a look at your store's Admin Area and see what it can do.

Decluttering Your Table Columns

Most of the components that make up your online store are contained within tables in your Admin Area — from products and options to customer accounts and affiliate stats. 

The default view for your Products table is a Grid view with thumbnail images. In order to use table editing tools at Inventory > Products, click the List icon above the Products table.

You can easily hide any table columns you don’t use by clicking the three-dot actions menu icon and selecting Customize Columns. Choose the columns you use frequently, deselect the ones you don’t use, and click Apply Changes.

Cutting down on the clutter will make tables a lot easier to view, and it can help improve the speed and performance of your Admin Area.

Using Table Edit Mode

Continuing the table-talk, as a handy shortcut, you can update most of your store’s content right from the main table area using Table Edit Mode.

Editable columns have an Edit icon when you hover over the column header. To use Table Edit Mode, simply click the Edit icon, make your changes and click Save when you’re done. Bam! Quick and easy.

⚠️️  Don’t forget to turn off Table Edit Mode when you’re finished. Leaving columns open for editing when you aren’t using them can slow your Admin Area.

Chasing Down Abandoned Carts

It’s always a good idea to monitor your Abandoned Carts log. From your Admin Area, you can remind customers who didn’t complete their purchase that they have items in their cart or find out why they didn’t complete the checkout process. 

Is the checkout process confusing? Were they surprised by the shipping cost? Did their coupon not work?

After you’ve squeezed every last drop of conversion juice out of your Abandoned Carts log, you can use the following bulk update script to delete any carts more than two days old:

delete from cartidlog where lastmodified < DATEADD(day,DATEDIFF(day,0,GETDATE())-2,0)

Performing Routine Maintenance

It’s easy to keep your store in tip-top shape right from your Admin Area. Here’s how:

  • If you have CDN (Content Delivery Network) enabled, you should refresh your CDN Image Cache every time you use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload image files to your store. That way, the CDN servers have the latest versions of all your images.

  • Refresh your store admin session from time to time to clear all Volusion cookies and everything in the cache of your browser.

  • Reset your photo cache any time you FTP product images to your store.

  • Rebuild the search index if you update the category table using one of the system's import options, or if you change any of the Search or Search Refinement config variables.

  • Make sure you have 301 redirects in place to help customers stay on the right path if you’ve permanently moved or deleted any pages on your storefront.


Your Volusion Admin Area is designed to help enhance your store and keep your operations running efficiently. So take some time to get to know all of its features and functionalities and put its power to good use!

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