Note: This article covers a legacy feature, Volusion's mCommerce. If you haven't already, we highly recommend switching to a Responsive Theme to avoid the drawbacks listed below.

Volusion Mobile Commerce is supported for 4.1x (Android) and iOS7 (iPhone) operating systems. While much of your desktop shopping experience can also be enjoyed on a phone, there are still some features and functionalities that just aren’t made for mobile. We’ll break it down so you can decide which features you want to enable.

What’s NOT Supported In Mobile 

Lots of features and functionalities are supported for mobile commerce, which is why we are going to spend some time highlighting just the ones that are not:

  • Forced account creation at checkout

  • Members' prices, members-only storefronts and any kind of “logged-in” experience

  • Payment methods other than Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. (Note: This means that both PayPal Express Checkout and Amazon Pay are unsupported.)

  • International Tax Settings, such as prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT and/or GST (Disable VAT is the only international tax setting supported)

  • Deal of the Day prices (Deal of the Day products will still display at the regular price in any applied categories)

  • Add To Cart Replacement Text for individual products

  • Add to Cart for Better Price and Email a Better Price 

  • Your Admin Area

  • Site content other than categories and products

  • Graphics other than logo and product images

  • Commercial address selection (Mobile Checkout will always designate addresses as Residential, even when the desktop version of your site allows shoppers to choose their address type)

  • Single address entry (Mobile Checkout will always require separate billing and shipping addresses)

How Categories Display in Mobile

If enabled, Featured Products, New Products, Superdeals, and/or Top Sellers display first. These are followed by all categories that contain one or more products.

By default, any eligible categories display alphabetically. If you've assigned a Display Order to any of your categories, this will override the default display and show categories in the order you've specified. When multiple categories or subcategories have the same Display Order assigned, they appear in alphabetical order relative to each other.

All category configurations are supported in mobile EXCEPT: 

  • Categories with no products or subcategories

  • Hidden categories 

  • Categories containing hidden products only

  • Categories containing custom HTML content only

  • Categories with an Alternate URL specified in Advanced Info > Misc

  • Categories with Custom SQL Filter set up in Advanced Info > Misc

  • Private categories 

  • Categories not assigned to a navigation menu

All product configurations are supported in mobile EXCEPT:

  • Hidden products

  • Products that are out of stock and cannot be backordered

  • Products using Dropdown Smartmatch

  • Products using Multi-Child Add to Cart 

  • Products using Jump to Product Code

  • Products with a value in the Min Qty field

  • Products using Is Product Code

  • Downloadable products

Recurring Products

Note that recurring products display on the Mobile Storefront with a Product Price of $0.00, instead of the specified Promotional Starting Price or Recurring Price. Once these products are added to the cart, the proper pricing displays.


Whenever and wherever the urge to shop strikes, your store has to be ready. We've highlighted all the features and functionalities that are NOT supported by mobile. But there are so many more that are. Take some time to explore your mobile storefront. We’ll help you be ready to sell whenever — and wherever — shoppers are.

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