Getting packages in the mail never gets old. It’s like getting a present, even though you already know what it is because you ordered it! 🎁 Give customers that delight by shipping their order accurately and efficiently. The following guide lists the basic steps necessary to get your customers’ orders from A to B. 

1. Select Shipping Origin

Depending on how your store and inventory are set up, you may ship from your headquarters’ office or from a warehouse. You need to input the shipping origin into your shipping settings so that rates taxes are calculated correctly. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping in your Admin Area
  2. Under Ship From Location, click Edit to enter your name, company name, and company address
  3. Click Save

2. Select Shipping Destinations

Under Ship To Location, enter your destination countries in the Include field by typing them or selecting from the drop-down menu. If you need to exclude a specific state or region from your shipping destinations, use the Exclude field.

3. Choose Carriers 🚚

In the Live Rates section, use the Add Carrier menu to select the shipping carrier(s) you want to use. Then follow the registration steps listed for each carrier.

4. Choose Shipping Methods

Each carrier offers different shipping options. Here’s how to specify what you want to offer your customers:

  1. Select a carrier name from the Add Carrier menu, then click Add Method
  2. Select a shipping method you want to activate, then click Add
  3. Make any edits needed, then select the Active check box and click Save
  4. Repeat the process for each additional method you want to offer


Your customers will squeal with excitement when their package arrives in a timely manner. (OK, maybe that’s just us. We’re very excitable!) 😁  It’s a sure bet that prompt shipping builds loyalty among customers. These basic shipping configurations may be all you need to get merchandise to your customers quickly and efficiently, but there are more options to explore if you need advanced functionality within your shipping settings.

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