You’ve made the sale, but the customers service doesn’t stop there. You want to make sure your shoppers are satisfied with their shopping experience and their product. You also want to encourage them to spread the (hopefully good) word to the digital world.

That’s where our automatic follow-up emails come in handy.

Set It, Then Forget It

After a certain number of days, an email will automatically be sent to your customers thanking them for their purchase and asking them to submit a review of their product(s) on your site. Of course, you can customize the text to your liking.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products and select All Products Settings

  2. Select Auto Survey Email Enabled

  3. In the Auto Survey Email After Number of Days field, enter the number of days after an order has shipped that you want the email to be sent to your customer

  4. Click Save

V is for Versatility

Some merchants don’t use Volusion software to track shipping. Instead, they opt to upload a CSV file with order status set to “Shipped” to clear out their Open Orders view. If you fall into this category, your method of marking orders as “Shipped” will still work with our Auto Survey After X Days setting.

Working Backwards

Once you enable auto survey emails, they will queue up for orders that have already shipped if they match the exact number of days you specified in the Auto Survey Email After Number of Days field. Emails will also be sent (right away) for orders with a ship date of up to 5 days in the past.

For example, if you set the variable to 3, all new orders will be queued to start sending in 3 days and all orders up to 5 days in the past will be queued to send as soon as possible. 


Use our automatic survey email feature to follow up with customers and see what they think of their products. Whether you get a lot of positive or negative feedback, you can use it to optimize your shopping experience and create more satisfied customers going forward.

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