The first step in setting up your store is choosing a look and feel that fits your business. Visit your store’s Theme Gallery at Design > Themes to view free themes and premium themes available for purchase.

If you already have a special vision for a one-of-a-kind storefront, our expert design team would be happy to build you a custom theme!

Once you're viewing the Theme Gallery, you can search for a specific theme or use the filter categories on the left to narrow your results and find the perfect design. Click on a theme to see it in greater detail.

The theme that is currently in use on your storefront is called the Active Template, and displays in the Active Template tab at Design > Themes.

Install a Theme

You can install and try out as many free themes as you’d like. To install a free theme, simply click Get It from the Theme Gallery or the theme’s detail page.

You’ll see a confirmation message:

Click Activate Now and the new theme will be applied to your store.

To use a premium theme, click Buy and complete the checkout process. An Implementation Specialist will send you an email with instructions for installing your new theme.

See the Themes article for a deeper look at downloading, backing up, and modifying your store theme.

Your Homepage Slideshow or Main Image

Once you’ve installed your theme, you can customize it by adding a slideshow or personalizing the main homepage image. Your homepage is the first thing most customers will see, so the main image(s) you choose to display will set the tone for the rest of your site.

Your slides or main image should the same width as the default image for the theme you’ve chosen. Because each Volusion theme is unique, the image widths can range from 936 to 2600 pixels. You can check the dimensions for your theme in the article Slideshow Image Dimensions for Your Theme.

Once you have your images formatted to the appropriate size, you can upload them through your Admin Area at Design > Homepage Slideshow. See Homepage Slideshow and Main Image for additional instructions and settings.

When you’re ready to add your logo to your storefront, you have two choices: you can add a graphic logo in the form of an image file, or if you don’t have a graphic logo yet, you can display your store name as text in place of a graphic logo.

To get started, go to Design > Logos.

Adding a Graphic Logo

To upload a graphic logo to your storefront:

  1. Under Website Logo, select Graphic .

  2. Drag an image file from your computer into the drop zone, or hover over the drop zone and click the Upload icon to find the image on your computer. Image files must be .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG format.

  3. Once you've dragged or selected an image file, click Yes if you'd like the software to resize the image for your mobile and invoice logos, or click No if you'd rather upload different images for these logos.

Don’t Have a Graphic Logo?

To use text in place of a graphic logo:

  1. Under Website Logo, select Text.

  2. Enter the exact text – up to 255 characters – as it should appear on your storefront.

  3. Click Apply.

If you don’t have a logo yet, our expert designers can create one for you. For a more detailed look at all the logo options, including how to add your logo to invoices, emails, mobile storefront, and more, see our Logos article in the Knowledge Base.

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