When configuring newsletters, you may want to use your own custom images and photos, unfortunately, sometimes these can get broken!

When you create your newsletter content, you can use HTML tags to display images within the message body. If you're unfamiliar with HTML, you can quickly upload and embed image files into your message using the Easy Editor on your store's newsletter configuration page.

Issues With Image File Names

While image files with spaces or punctuation (%, #, &, !, etc.) can be uploaded to your store, the links created using that file name may prevent your newsletter recipients from viewing the images. For best results, you should always name your image files without using spaces or punctuation so you won't need to rename them if you decide to use them in a newsletter.

For example, the following file name may cause problems:

my newsletter banner.jpg

So you should rename it as:


If you have a lot of files that need to be renamed, or regularly find yourself having to do so, you might look into using an application like Bulk Rename Utility!

Additional Information

For further information on HTML editing functions, check out our article "How to Use the Easy Editor".


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