You can include a PDF document that you've uploaded to your store and have it displayed within an article on your site. To do this, you would use the HTML tag OBJECT.

Keep in mind that in order to view PDF documents, customers must have some type of PDF-reader plugin already installed on their system. Most do, but you can always include a link to Adobe's site on the page so customers without an up-to-date plugin can download and install the PDF reader.

The basic HTML code you'll use will be similar to this:

<object type="application/pdf" data="full_path_to_your_PDF_file.pdf"
  width="400" height="400"></object>

For information on what the path to your file would be, and how to use an FTP client to upload your file, please see How to Use Your Volusion FTP Account.

Adding any additional styling [for example, align="center"], sizing [e.g., height="700" or width="700"], or other control parameters is up to you, and should only be done if you know enough HTML to feel confident doing so.

For more information on HTML and the OBJECT tag, please visit

Note that we recommend the OBJECT tag because it is W3C compliant, whereas the EMBED tag is not, but both appear to work in major browsers.


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