When it comes to customer engagement, a video is worth a thousand photos. 🎥 Not only do videos provide a better sense of product features and functionality, but they can also tell a story about your product or company, helping to create emotional connections with your shoppers. 🤗

Videos can be used in many different ways: showing how to use your products,  sharing your company culture, promoting an upcoming contest or product release, or raising awareness for a cause you support. 

And you don’t even need professional video equipment. Today, thanks to smartphones and other easy-to-access gadgets and apps, almost anyone can become a videographer. We’ll show you how to add your own clips to your store. 

Videos on Product Pages

Product videos are a great tool for showcasing the variety of ways in which shoppers can interact with your products. You can create product videos that serve various marketing purposes, for example:

  • lifestyle videos that showcase a product in action (a model wearing an outfit you sell, a cyclist using your gear on the open road, a chef creating a gourmet dish with your cooking products)

  • instructional videos that show how to set up or use a complicated item

  • product reviews and testimonials hosted on YouTube

  • 360° views of your product in video form, rather than using alternate images

For more ideas on telling a story with video, see our Ecommerce Insights blog post.

Adding Videos from the Admin Area

You can add YouTube videos to a product page by editing that product in the Admin Area. Note that the YouTube Video Management section only appears for existing products; if you're creating a brand new product, you'll need to Save it before you can see this section.

To add a video to a product:

  1. Scroll down to the YouTube Video Management section on the product editing page, and click Add.

  2. Enter the link to the video in the YouTube Video Link field, for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dkPbs5-GlY (note that the software may truncate or rewrite the URL).

  3. In the Caption field, enter any text you want to appear beneath the video.

  4. Click Add.

A thumbnail of your video now displays in the YouTube Video Management section. You can add up to four videos to this section if applicable, then drag and drop the video thumbnails until they're in the order you want them displayed.

To see how the video will appear on the storefront, scroll to the top of the page and click View Live. The YouTube videos you uploaded to your product page will appear under the Description tab, below any text you've entered in the Description field.

To change the URL or caption for a video, return to the YouTube Management section of the product editing page and click Edit below the video thumbnail. You can edit the link and the caption in the Edit Product Video pop-up window that appears. Note that the title of a YouTube video will still appear in the embedded player, in addition to any caption you've added.

If you want to add videos hosted on sites other than YouTube, you can embed third-party video code using the Easy Editor. For more information, see Other Videos on Your Storefront


If you have an SSL installed on your store, you must have a secure (https) URL entered into the YouTube Video Link field for the video to render correctly. Alternatively, you can leave off the first portion of the URL when entering the YouTube Video Link, for example:



Other Videos on Your Storefront

You can also capture shoppers' attention by displaying videos on other pages of your storefront, for example:

  • a "welcome" video on your home page that introduces your main product offering(s)

  • a culture video on your About Us page that tells your company's story

  • a "sneak peak" video on a specific category page that gives shoppers a glimpse of items to come

  • a contest or sweepstakes video to encourage additional visits and/or purchases

Adding Video with the Easy Editor

You can add videos to your home page, category pages, and even article pages. While these pages don't have built-in YouTube sections in the Admin Area, you can use the Easy Editor to embed the code for a video player in a specific field (such as Category Description or Article Body).

To embed a YouTube video using the Easy Editor:

  1. Visit the URL for the video you want to use, then click Share and Embed.

  2. Click Show More to see the full display of options, then customize the way your video will appear. The embed code will update dynamically to reflect your selections.

  3. Highlight the entire piece of embed code and copy it to your clipboard.

  4. Go to a field in your Admin Area that contains the Easy Editor toolbar, and place your cursor where you want the video to appear. Click the Insert Video icon.

  5. Paste the YouTube embed code into the Insert Video pop-up, then click Insert. An embedded video player will automatically appear in the body of the field you're editing.

  6. Click Save.

When you view the page live on your storefront, you'll see the embedded YouTube video.

Note: If you use a different hosting site that specializes in videos, you should follow their instructions for creating HTML code that can be pasted into a description or article field. Aside from the embed code being different from a YouTube video's, the process is the same as above.

You can center any video by editing the raw HTML for that field. To do so, click the HTML icon in the Easy Editor toolbar and add the parts of the code in red, below:

<div style="text-align: center;">
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/G8uvZT9t3Os" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe

The final result should look something like this:

When you're finished, click Save.

Tips and Tricks

You may have noticed that when your videos play to the end, YouTube displays related videos as suggestions for the viewer to watch next. If these suggestions include videos by your competitors or other content you don't want viewers to see, you can disable YouTube's ability to display related videos by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.

  2. Press the three-dot actions menu.

  3. Select All Products Settings.

  4. Select Disable Related YouTube Videos.

  5. Press Save.

Now, when your video ends, the only option for the viewer will be to replay it.


Seeing is believing! When you use videos to engage shoppers, you're giving them a dynamic visual representation of your products and your company. This can help increase the time customers spend on your site exploring, learning, and shopping!

Need help conceptualizing and producing videos for your store? Check out some of the services offered by our partners, vzaar and FameBit.

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