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Accessing Prime Checkout

To access our Prime Checkout feature, from your store's Dashboard menu, choose Settings > Checkout.

To activate Prime Checkout on your site, click the Prime Checkout checkbox and then click the Save button at the top right of the page.

You can now make choices on the design of your checkout page.


The Styling section allows you to edit the logo that is shown at checkout. You can enter a text version of the logo by typing it in the Logo (Text Version) field. Please be aware that a text logo will display ONLY if no logo image has been uploaded.

A Logo Image is displayed, showing the uploaded logo, and below that is a file uploader that allows you to add a custom logo. To upload a logo image, click the Upload a file link and choose your image from your files, or drag and drop an image from your files into the field. PNG, JPG and GIF images of less than 10MB size are supported.

Click the blue Save button located at the top left of the page to save any changes.

In the Styling section you can also choose a custom color for the buttons on your checkout page. To change colors, click the Primary Color field. This will open the color chooser popout. Choose your color using the field or slider controls, or alternatively, enter a Hex or RGB code. A sample button will show how your color choice will look on the checkout page.

Make sure to click the blue Save button located at the top right of the page to save any changes.


In the Advanced section you have to option to further configure your checkout settings.

You have the option to turn off Guest Checkout in the Advanced section. Unclick the Guest Checkout checkbox and click the Save button at the top right of the page. When this field is unchecked all customers will be required to create an account prior to checkout, if they have not done so previously.

In the Advanced section you will also have to option to gain your customer's permission to send them newsletters and other promotional information. With the Email Opt In checkbox checked, your customers will see the option to receive this email. The Message text fields allow you to customize the messages shown in each area of checkout by replacing the current Message Text.

Click the Save button at top right to save your changes.

You have the option to disable a customer's ability to add comments to their order. In the event the Enable Order Comments checkbox is unchecked, this field will not be offered at checkout.

The Volusion logo can also be removed from your custom checkout page by unchecking the Enable Volusion Logo checkbox.

As with any changes, click the Save button at the top right to complete your changes.

How Will It Look?

Shoppers will see the new experience once they proceed to checkout from their shopping cart. Shoppers first land on the ‘Ship to’ page to complete their shipping information. This page (and all of the custom checkout pages) will feature your text or image logo. Customers click the Next button when ready to proceed.

After completing their shipping details customers are taken to the Delivery page featuring your custom text message and the shipping choices. A shopper will click the PayPal button if they would like pay with PayPal, otherwise they will click the Next button to proceed to the Pay tab. PayPal still functions as it does in the classic checkout. A PayPal popup will display allowing the shopper to login to their PayPal account. All pages feature your custom button color.

At any time during the checkout experience a shopper can click the cart icon in the upper right to view a summary of their cart and its cost. After either going through the PayPal workflow, OR clicking ‘next’ on the ‘Ship to’ page, shoppers will arrive on the ‘Pay’ page to select their payment method and enter any needed payment details. For customers who choose the PayPal option, the credit card information fields will be replaced with a PayPal indicator. This page features the Order Notes section as well as the checkbox for promotional emails. Shoppers click the Pay button to complete their transaction.

The existing classic ‘Order confirmation / Thank you page’ will show once an order has been submitted.

Returning Customers

Returning shoppers will be prompted to login if they enter an existing email address on the checkout page. Keep in mind that if you allow guest checkout, shoppers will not be required to enter an email address.

Shoppers who are logged in will be presented the One-click Checkout experience. They will not need to fill out their address or payment information a second time.

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