Attention! Your affiliates are like your army of salespeople, with boots on the digital battleground, promoting your brand. So, naturally, you want to keep track of how effective they are and what kind of sales they’re bringing in. This may help you determine future planning with your affiliate program — and keep those soldiers in line.

If you’ve provided an active tracking URL to any affiliate or marketing program, it’s easy to monitor all of the activity generated by your affiliates on the Affiliate Stats page. To access it, go to Reports > Affiliate Stats in your Admin Area

What you’ll see:

  • Affiliate ID 

  • First Name and Last Name of the customer

  • Company Name

  • Order ID (clicking this will redirect you to the order details page)

  • Order Value (total order amount, including tax, and shipping/handling fees)

  • Affiliate Commissionable Value (the subtotal of the order — excluding tax, shipping/handling fees or discounts — that the affiliate is eligible to receive commission on) 

  • Percentage of the Affiliate Commissionable Value they should earn

  • Total Earnings the affiliate will receive in commission

  • Date of Sale 

Drilling Down: Using the Advanced Filters

You can customize the Advanced Filters to determine which affiliates are holding down your frontline; their total number of sales, how much they’re contributing to your bottom line each month (Monthly Totals) and how much commission they’ve earned in a specific time period. 

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