Social media is one big party waiting for you to arrive (but preferably not fashionably late). 🎉  As a business owner you don’t want to miss out on having your products or services in the conversations happening there. So go on, be a social butterfly  — and do it right from your store! Who said doing business was all work and no fun? Not us.

Step 1: Get Connected

First, be sure that you have an existing Facebook and/or Twitter account for your store. Then, log in to your Volusion store and navigate to the Social page in the Admin Area. Follow these easy steps for connecting each type of account and bam: insta-social!


  1. Click the Sign In link to the right of the Facebook logo.

  2. Log into your Facebook account, then click Okay to let the Volusion Social app access your Facebook profile.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to select who can see Facebook updates that are posted from within your store's Admin Area, then click Okay.

  4. Click Okay to let the Volusion Social app submit posts to your Facebook wall. Specify that you want to post updates to your business page, not your personal page. 

You'll see a confirmation message when your Facebook account is successfully connected.


  1. Click the Sign In link to the right of the Twitter logo.

  2. Log into your Twitter account, then click Authorize App. If you’re already logged in, just click the Authorize App button.

You'll see a confirmation message when your Twitter account is successfully connected.

Step 2: Post It

From within your Volusion store, you can post about one or more products or categories, or just keep it conversational. There are two ways to post …

From the Social page:

  1. Decide which social networks you want to post to. If you prefer to post to just one of them, clear the appropriate checkbox.

  2. Type a short, engaging message.

  3. If you want to include links to products or categories, click the appropriate button beneath the message box to open the Product or Categories display.

    To select a product, scroll down to search for a product by name or start typing the name in the search field. Or you can opt to View Products by Code.

    Similarly, to select a category, scroll down to search for a category or start typing the category name in the search field. You can also opt to View Categories by Code.

    About URLS
    The URL for the product or category you select will display in the field at the bottom. Click Add and your product or category URL will be shortened into a condensed link and inserted after your message.

    About Images 📷
    In Facebook, a thumbnail image is automatically generated from the product link. When you add a category link to your Facebook post, the category’s primary banner image displays in the post. Unfortunately, product images are not supported for Twitter posts. 😞

  4.  Click Submit to post your message to the social network(s) you selected.
    You'll see a confirmation message along with links to the post(s). 👍

From the Product or Category Page:

If you’re on a product page or category page and the urge to be social strikes, go with it! Just click the Share button on the page, and follow a similar process to the one outlined above. The category or product link will automatically display in the message window when launched.


It’s easy for your store to be the life of the party on social media directly from within your Volusion store. Post and share your products and categories, and anything else that you think would spark interesting conversations between you and your fans.

A little strategic planning will keep you from being that annoying guy with the lampshade on his head, so be sure to have an editorial calendar to keep track of what you post. Now, go make new friends — and sales! 👯 💵

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