Ahh, the credit card. Who knew a small piece of plastic could be so powerful? Well, we did. But before you go counting your gold doubloons, you first have to make sure your customers’ credit cards are legit, that they process properly and that it’s easy to set up recurring or on-location payments, if needed. 

If you run your online store from Canada, PSiGate is your payment partner for all of the above. PSiGate provides sale, authorization and capture features as well as credit and void features. 

Once you’ve established an account with PSiGate, here’s how to set it up for your store:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area

  2. Under the Payment Gateway section set the Gateway Country to Canada

  3. From the Gateway Name menu, select PSiGate (PSIGATEXML)

  4. Enter your PSiGate Merchant ID and PSiGate Password

  5. Click Save

⚠️️ Error! Adjusting Your Credit Card Storage Settings

Credit card errors are no fun — for you or the customer. 😧  If you encounter one, check to see if you have your Payment Capture Settings set to Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping

You will need to update your credit card storage settings when processing credit card transactions using PSiGate. But don’t worry; it’s a quick fix. 🔧

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables

  2. Click Search at the top of the page

  3. In the Name field, type "payment info" and click Search

  4. In the Value field for the Config Variable Payment Info Delete Event, type in "CAPTURE" (in all caps).

  5. Click Save


If you're a Canadian merchant, PSiGate is your partner in payment. If you've followed these simple steps, you should be all set up for credit card-processing success. Queue the bugle. Charge! 

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