One way you can endear yourself to customers is to make life just a little bit easier for them. By offering gift wrapping and gift notes, you save them extra steps when they need something for that special someone.  Plus, they can ship the gift directly to the recipient, which saves them even more time and effort. 

This is one way you can set yourself apart from the competition, and it can be a great incentive for shoppers to choose your store – especially around the holidays and special occasions.

Enabling Gift Wrapping and Gift Notes

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Config Variables

  2. From the Filter menu, select Checkout Variables

  3. Select the Enable Gift Wrap option

Now customers will see a Show Gift Options During Checkout? message during checkout.

If a customer selects this option, first, they’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing you’re helping them out. Then, they'll see a Gift Options page when they click Login & Checkout or Proceed To Checkout.

On the Gift Options page, customers can enter a free gift note that applies to the entire order.

They can also select a check box for gifts that are eligible for gift wrapping and include a separate gift note for those, if they wish.

The cost of gift wrapping is displayed on the checkout page as a separate line item.

Enabling Products for Gift Wrapping

Next, select the products you want to make eligible for gift wrapping and set a cost for each.

  1. Go to Inventory > Products

  2. Select the product you want to make eligible for gift wrapping

  3. Under Advanced Info > Pricing, enter a cost in the Gift Wrap Cost field

  4. Click Save

Processing Orders with Gift Wrapping and Gift Notes

When you print the invoice for an order with gift wrapping and/or gift notes, you'll see:

  • The gift note for the order

  • Products that need to be gift wrapped are indicated

  • Gift notes displayed for products (when requested by the customer)

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