You know how walking by a big department store window display just beckons shoppers to come inside and buy things? Heck, merchandising is even considered a form of art — hello, Macy’s New York at Christmastime! 🎄 Well, you can create the same effect with your online store.

Volusion's category system allows you to organize and display content — products, text and images — within your store. You get to choose what’s displayed where, by assigning products and other content to categories and subcategories.

Configuring Global Category Settings

When you create a category with subcategories, by default, the category page will only show products assigned directly to that category; not those assigned to the subcategories. But, because we like giving you options, you can opt to configure your store to display products assigned to the subcategories on the main category page, alongside any main category products. 

So, for example, if your online store sells hats, when someone clicks on the hats category, they will also see the subcategories of hats, like baseball caps, fedoras, sun hats, etc. displayed on the main category page. 🎩

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Inventory > Categories in your Admin Area

  2. Click View List

  3. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Categories & Subcategories Settings

  4. Select Display Subcategory Products on Main Category Page

  5. Click Save

Modifying Individual Categories

If you have a bunch of categories for which the global treatment described above makes sense, but one more categories that it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. Here’s how you can make exceptions to that global treatment for individual categories.

  1. From the Categories page, select a category ID to modify its settings

  2. Under the Advanced Settings > Product Display tab, select Grid from the Product Display Mode menu

  3. Set both Display Columns and Display Rows to zero

  4. Click Save

Now that category will only display content assigned to the main category, and not to the subcategories.


Now that you know how to customize your category settings, there’s little doubt that your displays will dazzle your customers and sway them to shop. 🎆

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