Having the freedom to design your store the way you want it is just one of many perks of being a business owner. That’s why we make it easy to archive your store’s themes, and create copies you can modify.

We have over 100 free and premium themes that you can choose from to customize your store’s look and feel. Or you can modify an existing theme using industry-standard HTML and CSS code (If you don’t know it, you can hire a professional web designer).

Archiving a Theme & Creating a Copy 

  1. Go to Design > Theme and click on the Saved Themes tab

  2. Find the theme to be duplicated; it can be an active one 

  3. Click Duplicate

  4. In the pop-up window that appears, enter a name for the duplicate theme; it can contain hyphens (-) and underscores (_), but should not contain spaces

  5. Click Duplicate

Your original theme has been archived and you can now modify the duplicate copy from within the Volusion File Editor by selecting the template from the shortcuts list.

You can use these steps to create as many backup copies of your themes as you would like. Or, you can remove any backup copies of themes by deleting the files and directories from your store via FTP.


With the ability to duplicate store themes, you can experiment with designs as much as you want without fear of losing a previous version. 🎨  So go on, try on a few new looks. You’re the boss! 

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