JavaScript has nothing to do with coffee. ☕  It’s a programming language used by web browsers to create a dynamic user experience. Most of the functions and applications that make the internet useful for modern life are coded in some form of JavaScript.

Some marketing or live chat systems require extra coding to make them function properly on your website. These are custom JavaScripts, a language that allows systems to talk to each other.

For these cases, we provide a special field in your Admin Area. To install a custom script:

  1. Copy the script text provided by the third-party service

  2. Log in to your Admin Area

  3. Go to Marketing > SEO

  4. With the Default Values tab selected, paste the text into the Globally Appended Meta Tags field 

  5. Click Save


Just like people, computers speak different languages. But we can all get along if we know how to communicate with and understand one another. JavaScript is almost like a translator that reads and interprets scripts, allowing useful apps to integrate and run well on your store. Indispensable for modern merchants.

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