Part 1: Intro To Doba

You have an online store. Now what will you stock your virtual shelves with? As a business owner, you have to think about acquiring products, warehousing them, packing and shipping. Or you could just leave it up to Doba.

If you’re not yet familiar with Doba, it’s a drop-shipping service that connects you to a network of 250 wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. Through these suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll gain instant access to millions of products, which they can store, package and ship directly to your customers

Doba & Your Volusion Store

Currently, there is no direct interface between Volusion and Doba. You need to pull the product information from Doba into your store and then order the products through Doba when customer orders them.

Doba charges a set monthly or annual fee, then you pay the wholesale price plus shipping (and in some cases a drop-shipping fee) when you place the order. The supplier or manufacturer will then deliver these products straight to your customers. This way you have access to millions of products without having to negotiate with distributors or deal with inventories, warehousing, packing, shipping, etc. 

Getting Started With Doba

Doba normally offers a one week free-trial membership, but Volusion users can get a TWO week trial membership via our Volusion Partners page. Lucky you! 😀 

Once on the page, click the Start Now button and fill in your information as prompted. You will need to supply credit card details for this trial, but you can cancel at anytime by calling them at 1-877-321-3622 or visiting your My Account page on their site.

The Set Up

To get the most out of Doba, you’ll need to enable cookies within your browser. 🍪 We also recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Next, you’ll want to choose the right Doba account for your store from their two options: Startup and Advanced.

The major difference between Startup and Advanced is that Startup does not give you access to the Data Export Tool. Without this tool you have to cut product information from Doba and paste it into Volusion for each required product.

Help Wanted

Doba provides you with a user manual, tutorials, quick reference materials and knowledge base articles and webinars. Click on the Help Center button in the upper-right corner of their site to access these. Or access webinars by clicking the Education button at the top of their site.

Part 2: How Doba Makes Managing Inventory Easy 

When you carry a variety of products, you need some way to keep them organized so you can easily manage inventory levels and restocking needs. Doba to the rescue!

Doba allows you to create one or more Inventory Lists that you can easily export to your computer, and then import into Volusion. As info in the Doba catalog changes, these items will be updated in your store to reflect the most current prices and availability. We’ll walk you through how to do it.

Adding Products to The My Inventory List

  1. Log in to your Doba account and click on the Catalog tab at the top of the screen

  2. Use the Search box or browse by Categories, Suppliers, Brands, etc. until you find the items you want

  3. Select the products you want by individually or by checking the Select All box

  4. Click the Add to My Inventory button at the top of the page

  5. Choose to add the products to an existing inventory list or click Add to create a new one

  6. When finished, click My Inventory at the top of the page

Now the My Inventory page should display, showing the contents of your current list. You can switch to other lists as needed by selecting them from My Inventory Lists.

Exporting The My Inventory List

Now that you’ve made your lists (and checked them twice?), it’s time to send them on their way to your store. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Data Export tab

  2. Click Add New to create a new export

  3. Enter a Name for the export

  4. Select the Watch List to use from the Source menu

  5. From the Format menu, select Volusion Small Format

  6. Click Add to add the list to available exports

  7. Click on the export's name, edit it if needed and click the green download button

You’ve now successfully downloaded the CSV file and it’s ready for you to import it into Volusion. Yay, you! 🎉

Importing The My Inventory List Into Volusion

To import the My Inventory List that you downloaded from Doba into Volusion, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Inventory > Import/Export

  2. Select the Standard Import tab

  3. Choose Products from the Import To menu

  4. Click on Browse next to File Name and navigate to your import file

  5. Click Import

  6. Select Click Here to Reindex

Your products should now appear in your store, however, there’s one more thing you might want to do to make them pop...

Add Product Images

We’ve said it before: A picture’s worth a thousand sales. 📷 Showcase your products by downloading images from Doba and adding them to your store like you would any other image. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Use your Watch List to access the Doba product page for each product 

  2. Click the Download Image link beneath the image

  3. Save the file to your computer (renamed with the product code or a meaningful name you can use to easily identify it later) 💻

You can then upload these images into Volusion as you would with any product photo.

Part 3: Ordering Through Doba

It’s good to have someone who has your back and helps you get the job done right. That’s why Volusion merchants choose to place customers’ orders through Doba.

A single online catalog contains all the info you need to list and sell products (with millions to choose from), as well as a streamlined process for you to fulfill your customers’ orders

Here’s how to place and fulfill a customer’s order through Doba:

  1. Log in to Doba and open the Catalog.

  2. Click on the My Inventory button.

  3. Click on the required My Inventory list.

  4. Check the box(es) in the first column for the product(s) you want to order for this customer and click the Order button.

  5. Check and update quantity and shipping info in the cart pop-up. Click Update Cart or Update Shipping after each change before proceeding to checkout.

  6. Click the Proceed To Checkout button.

  7. Complete the shipping information here and click Next.

  8. If the address you entered matches the FedEx database, you can review your purchase and select a payment option:

    Pay for this order only - The easiest and most common option; you immediately pay for the order, the supplier is notified and the order is moved to the shipping process.  

    Pay later -
    This option allows you to save the product and shipping information in an order until you’re ready to pay; however, it does not reserve the item. The order is not placed with the supplier until it is funded, at which point the supplier is notified and a product is shipped.

    Pay for multiple orders - This option allows you to pay for the current order and any orders you saved using the previous Pay later option. This enables you to batch orders and pay for them in one transaction at the end of the day. You will be prompted to select the orders you are paying for before entering a credit card.  

  9. Next, select your payment methodcredit card, PayPal or Doba PrePay (see Doba's Help for information on how this feature enables you to save 3% by prepaying for orders) — and click Submit to place your order

  10. Click the Orders tab to view this order on the Doba Order Summary page 


If Volusion is your partner in retailing, you can think of Doba as your partner in supply and inventory management, and placing and fulfilling orders. Working as a tightly integrated team, we can make ecommerce magic for your store and its customers. 🎩

Getting started with them is easy — and free for the first two weeks for Volusion customers. Take advantage and see what they can do to help you run a more smooth and efficient business.

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