Product descriptions are your chance to really sell what the product is, what makes it so great and how it’s better than the competition’s. The right info and phrasing matter. If you aren’t a wiz with words, hire a copywriter who is. But, whatever you do, don’t miss your chance to put product descriptions in your store to grab customers’ attention when they’re looking your way!  

There are multiple fields that you can use to add descriptive text on each product page. The Description field in the Basic Info section may be all you need, but you can also set up text to be displayed in the Features, Technical Specs and Extended Information tabs under Advanced Info. You can also add text above the price section of the page and beneath the main photo.

Advanced Product Descriptions

From your store's Admin Dashboard, navigate to Inventory > Products.

Click a product code to open the product edit page.

On the product edit page, scroll down and locate the Advanced Info section. Click to expand the section, then select the Product Descriptions tab.

Enter descriptions and formatting into any of the available fields to add the content to the product.

The Product Description Short field-

Input in this field displays on the product's category page(s) and in search results. This can be useful in presenting a shorter, more concise product description in the event that your main description is lengthy. This field is required if you want to use the Email a Friend feature and is sent as the body of the email.

Category Page:

Search Results:

The Features field-

Features will display below the Primary Product Description field as a list with the Features heading. Note that if the Description field is entirely blank, the Features tab does not display.

The Features list can be shown as a Bulleted List, or non-bulleted by using the Use Bullets in Features Text checkbox in the All Products Settings popout, accessed from the main Products page.

The Technical Specs and Extended Information fields-

Technical Specs:

Extended Information:

Technical Specs and Extended Information will appear in tabs alongside the main product description. If no text is entered in these fields, the tabs will be hidden on your storefront.

Technical Specs Tab:

Extended Information Tab:

The Product Description Above Pricing field-

Product Description Above Pricing displays above the product's price on the product page. This field works well for calling out special features or pricing information.

The Photo Caption Text field-

Photo Caption Text displays below the main product image.

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