Before you start selling, let's take a few minutes to go through this checklist to make sure that your grand opening is a success!

Make sure all links that visitors are likely to click lead to the correct locations and that all of the information displays as you want it to.

  • Click the links in your header and footer.

  • Click the categories in your navigation menus.

  • Click your nav menu promotions

  • Click your SSL validation seal and check the information that displays.

Make sure your informational pages are customized.

All Volusion themes come with links to company informational pages. By default, they contain default information that is meant to be customized.

Test your checkout process.

Be sure to make a test purchase in all three of the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer) to verify that shoppers can place orders.

  • Drop a line to your credit card processing provider for instructions on running a test credit card transaction.

  • Contact your gateway provider to verify the transaction and make sure you have completed all steps required to process all card types (it's common for American Express to require additional setup).

  • Check out with any other payment type(s) you have enabled and review the order confirmation page(s) to ensure that you have all the right info.

  • Check the shipping rates provided for a sampling of your products from various available locations, and then check with the carrier to verify rate accuracy.

  • Be sure that your store calculates tax correctly for multiple postal codes in the states/provinces where you are required to charge tax. If you have any questions about taxation, consult a professional.

  • Review the automated email notices for order confirmation and shipping confirmation to ensure that your email templates are properly customized for your store.

Test your contact methods.

It's important that shoppers can get in touch with you! Here are some tests you should run: 

  • Send a test email to your contact address.

  • Check your phone number and any automated messaging you use.

  • Test your live chat console (if applicable).

Go live!

Once you're satisfied with your store's appearance and performance, set up your DNS so customers can find you. Congrats: you're up and running!

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